The Kyokushin-Kaikan Branch Chiefs’ Association has started! The first board meeting has been held.


 What is the Kyokushin-Kaikan Branch Chiefs’ Association? 

It is an organization formed by 20 current branch chiefs across factions, among the branch chiefs who were directly approved by Great Master Masutatsu Oyama in his lifetime, to bring together Kyokushin that has been split apart. 

The first board meeting of the Kyokushin-Kaikan Branch Chiefs’ Association was held on July 17th at Hotel Keihan Kyobashi Grande in Osaka. 

Eleven people attended and the following officers were elected. 


Kazuyuki Hasegawa (World Zen-Kyokushin) 

 Vice Chairpersons 

Yasuo Takahashi (Kyokushin Union) 

 Noriyasu Hamai (Kyokushin Hamai Group) 

Ryuko Take (World Kyokushin Kaikan) 

Director General 

Shigeru Tabata (Kyokushin Union) 

Directors Yasuhiro Shichinohe (Kyokushin Union) 

Directors Toshikazu Seto (Kyokushin Union) 

Auditors Toshio Mizuguchi (Kyokushinkai Mizuguchi Group) 

Auditors Yukichi Anzai (Kyokushin Anzai Group) 

Auditors Jun Miwa (Kyokushin Union) 

Employees Yukio Okada (Kyokushin Union) 

Employees Kyoji Mimura (former Matsui Group) 

Employees Yasuhiro Kuwajima (Kyokushin Union) 

Employees Yuzuru Haseba (Kyokushin Haseba Group) 

Employees Yasuhiro Kasai (former Matsui Group) 

Afterward, discussions were held on how to develop the Kyokushin-Kaikan Branch Chiefs’ Association and contribute to the full-contact karate world. 

In particular, how do we realize the philosophy and direction of the Kyokushin-Kaikan Branch Chiefs’ Association? We all expressed our opinions from our respective standpoints and exchanged frank opinions on the future of Kyokushin-Kaikan. 

In the end, we all vowed to realize the unification of the All Japan Championship and World Championship and to develop Kyokushin, and the two-hour board meeting ended. 

Philosophy and direction of the Äb0Branch Chiefs’ Association

Holding of the All Japan Open Karate Championship and the World Open Karate Championship by Kyokushin-Kaikan 

Holding of training sessions for the proper succession and spread of Kyokushin Karate 

Activities to manage Kyokushin-related trademarks 

Businesses incidental to or related to each of the preceding items 

Chairperson Kazuyuki Hasegawa gives his policy speech

To develop Kyokushin-Kaikan in perpetuity

It has already been 26 years, more than a quarter of a century since Great Master Oyama passed away on April 26, 1994. 

During that time, as you know, Kyokushin-Kaikan has repeatedly been split apart, and the number of groups and factions claiming to be Kyokushin has increased innumerably, including overseas. 

There have been several calls for unification and unity for a common purpose raised in the past, but respective vested interests and human relationships have been complicatedly entangled, and it was never realized. 

However, the former branch chief volunteers, who have been earnestly striving for the development of Kyokushin since Great Master Oyama’s lifetime, promised cooperation for the reorganization and development of Kyokushin-Kaikan. In May in the first year of the Reiwaera, they founded the “Kyokushin-Kaikan Branch Chiefs’Union, General Incorporated Association” (currently renamed to the Kyokushin-Kaikan Branch Chiefs’Association). 

As we enter into a time of great change, concurrently, Ms. Kikuko Oyama told me regarding the transfer of the trademark right of “Kyokushin.” As a result of repeated discussions to take over and keep Kyokushin-Kaikan and the headquarters founded by Great Master Oyama in a proper way, I decided to jointly manage them togetherwith the branch chiefs approved by Great Master Oyama, and I have been calling on related parties, and the number of supporters has been increasing. 

In July 2020, we held a meeting of the Branch Chiefs’Association and discussed the election of officers, future activity policy, joint management of the trademark and so on. 

As an Adviser, Lawyer Kiyokazu Tanaka, who has made great achievements as a leading figure in many trials since the early days of the Kyokushin-Kaikan division, has been appointed. 

Now, as the elected Chairperson of the Board of Directors, I would like to propose and realize the three major pillars for the Kyokushin reorganization and development. 

1. Keep the names of Great Master Oyama and Kyokushin-Kaikan in perpetuity 

(It is our mission as direct disciples of Great Master Oyama, and we will carry them on not only to our generation but also to the future generations.) 

2. Joint management of Kyokushin-Kaikan trademark 

The trademark transferred from Ms. Kikuko Oyama willnot be owned by the individual, but will be taken over by all the members of the Branch Chiefs’ Association. We will discuss and proceed with it in order for the disciples of the next generation, who are our successors, to be able to engage in the activities with peace of mind, as well as the support of the bereaved family. 

3. Holding of a unified championship 

We aim to create an organization that gives hopes and dreams to dojo students by cooperating to hold the general and youth unified All Japan Championship and World Championship without interfering with the activities (championships and so on) currently being carried out by each organization. 

In the future, together with the branch chiefs approved by Great Master Oyama and the Kyokushin groups thatrespond to the call for unity for a common purpose, we will strive to build coordination and cooperative relationships across factions, in order for Kyokushin to build a wonderful era once again. 

We would like to thank all of you for your support and cooperation. 

Sosai Oyama and Chairperson Hasegawa