How to apply for membership

International Karate Organization Kyokushin Kaikan World Zen Kyokushin (hereafter called the organization) welcomes dojos both in Japan and overseas with open arms. Follow the steps below from the filing of the application for membership through the completion of registration into the organization.

Inquiry / Request for the Membership Application Form

Contact us either by through the contact form on the website.

  • ・How we reply to you varies depending on your inquiry.
  • ・At the request for the Membership Application Form, the administrative office emails the Membership Guide and the Membership Application Form to the applicant.

Submission of the completed Membership Application Form

Read the Membership Guide carefully. Complete necessary information and submit the Membership Application Form to the administrative office. Find the destination address in the Membership Guide.

Once the application is approved by the Membership Committee, the applicant is informed about the subsequent formalities.

Formalities for membership

Complete the formalities as instructed.

Upon the completion of the formalities, the administrative office sends the applicant the Certificate of Membership.

Qualification as a member dojo

The applicant is formally qualified to start the activity as a member dojo.