From World Zenkyokushin Indonesia


Its been a year since Sensei Erick Danurahardja applied and being accepted as one of the representative in the big family of World Zenkyokushin as a branch in Indonesia.

Banzai dojo and Xpartan dojo was the first zenkyokushin dojo in Indonesia, and we decided to make a tribute video for World Zenkyokushin. 

This event was made possible with a collaboration of many dojo of Zenkyokushin Indonesia, which consist in East Java Province, Central Java, Bali,West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara  at the Top of Dharma Lautan Utama Ship in Semarang 24, Oktober 2021 with Sensei Bambang Soengging Supports. 

The Event started with Kihon participated with 150 Karateka, Tameshiwari and Dragon Dance. 

We, Zenkyokushin Indonesia do hope that this pandemic will be over soon, so we can meet our families overseas, and creating another event together such as seminar and training. 

Our Deepest Gratitude to Shihan Shin Seoung Sub and Shihan Shigeo Niitsu, as their support really help us, Introduced us to World Zenkyokushin Family Osu.